How Do I Find Out About Club Events?

Join the rainbow_lounge mailing list! The list is an open discussion between members and non-members and is the forum in which we announce upcoming runs, busts, and other events. 


-- The RMC Webmaster


How Do I Become A Member?

With no rules, and no committees, there's also no formalized process. If you have interest in membership, the best way to go about it is to join us consistently at our announced events, runs, etc. There you will get a good taste, smell, and feel for what the Rainbows are about. Be sure to introduce yourself to all club members present. From there, it's more of an organic process where discussions are carried out between RMC members regarding your fit for the club. The person to initiate this discussion will typically become your sponsor, and will (on decision of the group) offer you a chance at membership (prospect status). On maintaining proper behavior during your prospect days, you may be offered the opportunity to wear the patch of one of the most distinguished gay outlaw biker clubs in existence - The Rainbow Motorcycle Club (RMC).

To get started, join the rainbow_lounge mailing list  to find out about our events. You are welcome (and encouraged) to participate in/initiate discussions.

-- The RMC Webmaster



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